In memory of Paul Hockney

In memory of Paul Hockney



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Nell Bank was the vision of Paul Hockney who during his year as Lord Mayor of Bradford in 1977, dedicated his mayoral appeal to acquire the land and build the centre. Created as a Queens Silver Jubilee Project, the centre has gone from strength to strength and now provides an opportunity for over 20,000 children a year to visit the centre and enjoy being active and learning outdoors. Nell Bank is an Outdoor Education Centre which caters for all ages and abilities and uses the outdoors to enhance and support learning. Whether children are following the story of the Gruffalo, exploring animal habitats or completing our team building challenges, a day at Nell Bank is a great way for learning to be brought to life and to for children to have a lot of fun along the way.

Nell Bank, has continued the original vision from 1977 and has been committed to providing opportunities for all children. To ensure the centre continues to be accessible to all, the trustees of the centre have created an Assisted Places fund to provide assistance to those children who are at risk of missing out on a visit to the centre because of financial hardship. Donations to this fund will be awarded to schools and community groups where there is a genuine and to protect against outdoor visits becoming a ‘luxury’ or ‘optional extra’ that are only available to a minority of children. £13 pays for a child to visit the centre for the day, £34 pays for a one night residential.

Donations will also be used to create a story telling area as a physical memorial to Paul Hockney, this will be an area where children can listen to and re-tell stories , and let their imaginations run wild inspired by the fabulous surroundings the Nell Bank Site offers.